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Lirik Lagu "High School in Jakarta" yang Dipersembahkan NIKI, Sedang Trending di YouTube

- Sabtu, 6 Agustus 2022 | 08:57 WIB
Tampilan untuk lirik lagu High School in Jakarta (YouTube NIKI)
Tampilan untuk lirik lagu High School in Jakarta (YouTube NIKI)

BANTENRAYA.COM - Simak lirik lagu High School in Jakarta yang dipersembahkan oleh NIKI.

Lagu NIKI berjudul High School in Jakarta ini sedang trending di YouTube, menempati posisi ke 19.

Tanpa pakai panjang lebar, berikut lirik lagu High School in Jakarta persembahan NIKI.

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Didn’t you hear Amanda’s moving back to Colorado?
It’s 2013 & the end of my life
Freshman year’s about to plummet just a little harder
But it didn’t cause we kissed on that Halloween night

I bleached half my hair when I saw Zoe on your Vespa
It was orange from 3% peroxide, thanks to you
I needed a good cry, I headed right to Kendra’s
I hated you and I hoped to God that you knew

Now there’s drama (drama)
Found a club for that
Where I met ya (met ya)
Had a heart attack
Yadda yadda
At the end, yeah we burned, made a couple U-turns, you were it til you weren’t

High school in Jakarta, sorta modern Sparta
Had no chance against the teenage suburban armadas
We were a sonata, thanks to tight-lipped fathers
Yeah living under that was hard, but I loved you harder
High school in Jakarta, an elaborate saga
I still hate you for making me wish I came out smarter
You love/hate your mother, so do I
Could’ve ended different, then again we went to high school in Jakarta

Got a group assignment, I’ll be at Vall’s place
You don’t text at all and only call when you’re off your face
I’m petty and say, “Call me when you’re not unstable”
I lie and tell you I’ll be getting drunk at Rachel’s


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